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What Determines Our Positive Attitude

What is a meaning of attitude? Attitude is personal belief, originated from thoughts, feelings, situations and evidences about how life works.

Our attitude plays important role, because it shapes what our mind focusing on all the time. It was what people see in out thoughts.

We shaped out own attitude by reading, thinking, studying and talking. You may say whay we say, hear, read and look is the ain contributor in shaping our thoughts.

To build positive attitude, it needs consistent effort, self discipline and BIG determination because you can easily slipped into negative thoughts anytime by only a second. We can easily changed into negative thoughts unconciously, that is why I say you need determination, self control and self discipline.

How to build positive attitude in yourself? First, you need to hold that intention in your mind. Keep telling yourself you want to change to be a more positive person with a shining positive attitude.

It must become your intense desire to change you attitude right now, to a new attitude in yourself. The desire to change must be fully lighted up in you, very strong, very intense!

That is the basic step in changing your attitude.

Main Reason Why People Tends To Think Negative

I believe you have encountered negative people in you daily life. They can be anyone, your close friends, family members or someone you knew for years.

We call them negative people because they always look for negative aspect in ourself. When we share with them our personal stries and our ambition, they would like to say that we cant achieve it, in the same time putting some bad situation that can happen when we try to achieve our dream.

The main reason why people tends to think negative is because they have faced a hard times in the past that make them quite negative and gloomy. Everything happened around them is bad, because they always thinks bad about it.

But, dont worry. The good news is, not every one who is negative people remains this way.

Negative thinking people are probably want to change, because they feel, saw and experienced a bad situation in their life as the effect from their negative thinking.

Negative thinking people dont always be negative. They tend to be negative because they want to express their anger, frustration and unsatisfaction towards something that they cant change. Maybe they are angry with something and keep thinking,and thingking about it all the time.

What is the source of their anger? Negative people are person who likes to enjoy negative news, bad review, political issues, talks about the bad side of other people, lastly, focusing on problem in his or her life.

I believe that is the main reason, they changed into negative thinking people because their thoughts are fully focused on problems, relationship problems, financial problems, emotional problems.

Fasting For A Month Long

Oh my god! I've found that i was late on updating this blog. Gosh! What have i done?

I must been busy with other jobs. Indeed, i was so busy. It wa fasting months for us, Muslims in Malaysia.

Me ad my family have no exception. At the time i wrote this post, today was the 22nd day in our fasting month. We need to complete 30 days to complete the fasting days.

The Aidilfitri is coming near. It only take 7 days more (plus one) from now to ceberate Aidilfitri. Every mornig, i help my mom and my younger sister preparing traditional cookies. In Malay, we call it kuih raya.

Because i was so busy for merely 10 days right now, i only have a small amount of time for this blog. Dont worry, i will keep updating the articles for you after this.

My Mission With This LiveStrong Blog

Here i share with you my personal mission, the main reason i keep on adding more and more positive life changing guides.

My missions are :

1. I wanna change people's life
I wanna help others control their own life, their emotion, words, actions and financial level. My focus is on helping others.

2. Change attitude
I wanna show the impact and effect from positive thinking and positive action. I will share real life stories to show you how the effect can be.

3. Sharing more personal improvement tips
I will dugg, add and find more self improvement tips that i've found helpful, not just interesting.

Become Energized By Keep Thinking About Your Future

One way for us to become so energized is by consistently thinking about our future, the lifestyle that we wanna live in, the beautiful house that we want to own, the luxury car we want to drive and the kind of happy relationship we want to start with.

We all what we thinking of. Believe it or not, we create our own environment by consistently thinking a thought over and over again, anytime, anywhere.

Dont believe what i say, but look around you with your own eyes and then analyze it.

Right now, ask yourself, do you satistified with your life right now? Honestly, are you really happy with your job?

Do you enjoy what you're doing in your workplace? Or, are you always worry about your money, your salary and your income?

The real life proof is around you. You become what you think all the time. Life that you live right now is the result of thoghts you keep focusing on and on, over over again.

If your life is miserable right now, it was the effect from your consistent focus on problems, your unsatisfied needs and your complaints about something that make you angry.

How to change this?

Forgove all people and anything that makes you angry. Forgive and forgot, just like it never happened before.

By act of forgiveness, we drained away negative thoughts and all our angers. After that, think about something that makes you happy, some past happy memory, or remember someone that you happy when thinking about him/her.

Then, you can become energized when keep thinking about your future life that you wanna have, live and the kind of person that you want to be. We cant change the past anymore.

But, we have a big chance to change the future, design it with our own colours today.

The 10 Habits Of Highly Happy People On Earth

Many people wants to be happy. How?

When they saw other people looks so happy, full of energy, the wonder what had happened and what makes them being happy.

The secret to daily happiness is out. Want to know the 10 habits of happy people? Here's the guide...

1. Happy people have different mindset, different way of thinking and doing things. They choose to maintain positive attitude towards people, situations, places and life.

2. Love yourself. enjoy your own company

3. Take care yourself, your body and health.

4. Learn to love others, focus on somebody else. Give your best!

5. Choose your team mates. Choose your friends wisely, even you treat all equally. Friends do shape out positive thinking, thus brings happy thoughts.

6. Dare to dream big

7. Do what you enjoy, do your hobby inspare time. Choose a career you enjoy, even it doesnt gives you big paycheck, put your happiness first.

8. Accept what you cant change.

9. Be proactive

10. Learn to be grateful.

Learn English Fast Using 3 Steps

I've come from non-English spoken family. My father dont understand English well, so do my mother.

During my childhood, i like to watch English cartoons. Transformers, Power Rangers and X-Men are my favourite tv shows. At the showtime, i will sit in front of out tv box for half an hour. Sweet memories!.

If your problem similar like mine, how you too can learn English fast? Here's the way i've used..

1. Read a lot
You need to familiarized yourself with English sentences and words. While studying ta UiTM Kota Kinabalu, i read Readers' Digest includes past issues of the magazine.

2. Write a lot
Practice makes perfect. Write a lot in English to improve your vocabulary. I use blogging to practice my English writings.

3. Speak, speak, speak
Speak English a lot, make it just like English become your primary language

Being Strong Starts From Putting In More Knowledge

Sorry to keep you waiting for my latest post.

Last two weeks, i've been busy with my Malay blogs and usual home tasks. Usually when my dad goes to work, only me, my mother and my niece stay at home.

Ok, lets talk about Lance Armstrong. Recently at Yahoo Sports, there is a rumours that Lance will come back to professional cycling.

I couldnt help myslef, but i feel really happy! To me this is a good news, brings more hope and more inspiration.

Lance is a big motivation booster for me. I wanna be like him, a hero, altough we are two separated individuals. I woke up each morning to be a someone who well known, with a spirit, i want to improve other's life with my writings, videos or ebooks.

I wanna be a strong young man. Not just strong physically, but strong in heart, mind and soul. I believe that mind is the key to all success.

The powerful mind is a mind that being filled with knowledge. The more you know, the more advance you will become. From this belief, i continue my learning, keep on reading and keep on learning from any medium that i colud catch up.

Knowledge is power. To become more healthy, more powerful and more rich, you need knowledge. To fight cancer, you need to start woth knowledge in how to fight cancer and how to control your own life, your health and your mental attitude.

I am a healthy person. Being a swimmer last year, i know what it takes to become stronger from other swimmers. They also prepare fo the big swimming event just like me.

What separate our strengths is not our muscles, but our attitude and our emotions. I've met many strong swimmer, but their coach dropped them so early because of bad attitude, or they give up too soon on dealing with pain while on training.

I promise you that i will keep on posting more self improbvement tips and tricks that i've found very helpful. If you have problems, either financial problems or relationship problem, trust me because problem is only temporary.

We can change it, end it, if we learn to be strong. So, lets LiveStrong!

Words Of Being Happy Quotes

"Happiness depends upon ourselves." Aristotle

Happiness comes from inside us. We must be happy in our heart, then we can be happy by showing laughter and enjoyment.

Too many people strive hard in how to be happy. You can be happy simply by doing what you love!

If you dont know what you love or what you passionate about, ask yourself, what is a hobby that you like to do or, what is it something that you prefer to do in your spare time?

We always, always have a chance to be happy, but we slip it by focusing on problems! Why we cant be happy?

The answer is in you, your heart and your mind. You're not focusing on happiness, joy and laughter, but you're focusing on things that angers you, make you hate on something.

We can only have one feeling at a time. We cant mix one feeling with another. We cant mix
happiness with sadness or sandness with laughter.

We can only choose one. If you choose happiness, be happy, truely happy!

Happy Merdeka To My Friends

I would like to wish Happy Merdeka to all my Malaysian friends, online and offline and to all my blogging friends in the blogosphere.

Today is the 51 celebration of merdeka day. To me, this is the first day i celebrate merdeka as LiveStrong blogger.

While cycling to Semporna town everyday, i wonder why not so many house raise Malaysian National Flag, the Jalur Gemilang. I feel a little bit dissapointed woth the scenario, but, the Merdeka celebration has to go on anyway.

What Success Really Means

The definition of success varied from one person to another. We all have a personal meaning
when talking about success.

For me, success is when you have achieved something that you've been aimed for. It is just like
when shooting a target.

When you hit the target precisely, i can say that you are successful in hitting that target.

Success is when we have accomplished something.

When does success means to you? Share with me in the comments section. I believe you have your own definition of success.

I've read many books that tells stories about success and successful something. Success comes
from consistent hard work, motivation and the spirit of keep moving on, dont give up.

Dont ever give up. LiveStrong!

Success Is On Going Process

We have dreams and different ideas of what we want to achieve in life, what we wanna create for our life. Me, too, have my own target, my own success measure.

Who you are, what you did and what you own are not the true measure of personal success. I
truly believe success is an ongoing process, not a dead point.

A process will still continue to go, to evolve and to change. In personal success, what i call success is a process of us striving to become more.

I we are a student, we study hard to excel in exam, we read many books, journals, reports and
webpages, to know more and to enable us to excel more in out exam result. The process will keep repeting itself, over and over again.

When you have succeed in one level, to become more, you need to set a target for the next level. If you have succeeded in collage or in school, doesnt mean you will be successful in your career and in managing your finance.

To succeed in career and in your finance, you must set a target. So, when you have gave yourself a target to catch on, you will automatically focused on the process of becoming successful, success in your career and in managing your finance.

Long Or Short?

Thanks to someone who emailed me yesterday morning. He is from Australia, actually.

He asks me, why my posts are all short? Well, to tell you the truth, i prefer short post than long post.

I want to make anything that i wanna say, is clear and simple. Then, you can understand it,
applying it to yourself seconds after that.

Then, you can come back for another short tips. People today have so little time, because they have a lot to do, so they used to make things fast and accurate.

I dont know how, but people loves short posts because of its simplicity. Long post have lots of
points. Not all blog readers love long posts, but they all surely love short posts!!

My Typical Day As A LiveStrong Blogger

I woke up early in the morning, usually 5.30am in Malaysian time. After drinking some warm water, i open up windows, breathe some fresh air. It is good for the mind..

Five minutes after that, i prepare myself for morning cycling session. Usually i go cycling about an hour, not more.

Here, i live with my family. My mom not so happy when i spent more than an hour for cycling...hehe, the sun is hot, she says!

After that, i will get my morning breakfast. Usually, a cup of hot Nescafe and some sandwiches. Sometime, my mom prepared fried mee for us.

I start working at 9 am. What is my work? At this moment, i sell eBooks and computer softwares to Internet users and my friends.

I've been active in several forums and groups, from there, i get my customers and buyer for whatever i sell. I trade online in Malaysian Ringgit, in my planning, for several months.

Apart form that, i wrote blogs. Currently, i'm not earning much. This LiveStrong blog have just begun, and i believe it will make money in several months after this.

Money is not the issue. My main purpose to write this blog, is because i wanna share LiveStrong spirit my my readers and anyone who visits this blog. I am self improvement student for a life time.

I study self improvement, to improve myself, so i can help to improve others. I learn a lot from reading. I believe knowledge is power, and you will become more powerful if you use applied knowledge.

In the evening, i spent two hours, cycling from my home to Semporna town. usually, start at nearly 4pm and came back at 6pm, everyday. After dinner, i spent my time reading and write this blog..

Reasons Why You Should Sleep Well

I know some of us have their own business, job to finish late at night, babies to feed, blogs be updated, or simply, books to read for the exam at 8 in the morning.

All of this cause us to sleep less, restless and less productive.

Why we should sleep well? Because enough sleep enable us to..

1. Become more productive.
Let sleep works for you. when you sleep well in usual hours during the usual time, when you woke up, you will feel energetic, feel more light, free from anyting that can make you stressed.

While start working, you will notice that your thoughts are more positive, you start to love your job, the environment and feel good about yourself.

2. Memorize better.
Enough sleep allow you to memorize better. Getting enough sleep prevent you from mind dullness.

Mind dullness, is when you have to read something over and over again to get the meaning, after that you forgot what you read, easily.

3. Enjoy more, play more.
When you enjoy more in whatever you're doing, you will become more motivated, more inspired.
Then, anything you work on will be just like your hobby, make you less stressed, high in productivity.

The effect in the long time? Sleep well can make you strong, healthier, happier.

What Is My True Body Weight?

a reader emailed me and she wanna know what is my body weight. She dont want her name to be mentioned here, altough she uses her nick name in her email.

Actually, i am an active young man. I am a sport enthusiasist, a swimming athlete during year 2007 and for this year, i've changed my sport to cycling.

I dont know what is the real reason in turned into cycling, but when i spent a couple of minutes on friend's bike, it was really fun and so cool!

Then, the fun give me more passion, and it turns into a hobby! cycling is not just a spot, but it was a hobby for me.. yeah, i admit it.

Trough this blog, i'm gonna promote healthy life style, together with an intense spirit to share inspiration and guides in living a strong life.

Ok, my weight is only 55kg. Myt last body weight is 58, this month, I've burned 3kg with cycling. I'm not doing any others sport, just cycling everyday.

So, my true body weight is only 55kg. Altough i eat a lot from morning till evening, i use it alot to burn for energy inside my body.

Maybe, if i'm not doing cycling or any other sport for 3 moths, my weight will added up to 70kg! Who knows?

Anything can happen, anything is possible!

Find Me More Online

Being a blogger, readers will follow and read anything you provide, if you show them who your are.

I've been a blogger since 29 march 2007, except.. i wrote my blog in Malay languange. For you who new to this blog, i am Shueqry, your LiveStrong blogger.

you can connect with me more on the Internet using social network sites. For my futture plan, i will register my name to more social network sites, so anyone can add me as their friend.

I'm not really active in these three months in my social sites. Eventhough i have Friendster, MySpace and FaceBook accounts, i still dont have much time to respond incoming messages, share stories on the bulletin or joining some groups.

But, i decided to change that habit. From now on, i'm gonna be active in those social sites, get new friends from around the world and shre with them inspirations for better life!

My Self Theraphy

I am a passionate person in self improvement. I am growth oriented. I read a lot about positive thinking, self improvement, personal power and Law Of Atrraction.

I write in this blog, as a form of self theraphy. I wanna share what i know with the rest of the world, with anyone, from anywhere from around the globe.

My goal is, to make this LiveStrong blog as a inspiration booster to its reader every day, especially for you. Sharing inspiration and motivation, is my true passion.

I was so happy when i know someone has benefited from what i wrote in this blog. I LiveStrong right now.

I 've faced many setbacks, failures and challanges. Eventough I'm not a cancer survivor, one of my aunthy was killed by a breast cancer.

Her death gives us a huge impact. At that moment, we are not aware of this type of cancer in our big family.

Therefore, i dedicated my life on helping others. I 'm gonna help them discover their passion and the point to make them live strong for the rest of the lifetime.

i'm gonna share my knowledge, to give you the access to healthy life style, a happy one.

The Strong Swimmer Who Won 8 Gold Medal In One Olympic

From the starting moment of the Beijing Olympic 2008, he tells everyone we wanna get 8 gold medals in this big tournament. He told the world, he is going to get it. Only few people believe in him and his abilities.

He is Michael Phelps, a young swimmer from United States. After Lance Armstrong, he become the next icon of inspiration.

Today, Michael Phelps have won all 8 gold medal in swimming. He become the inspiration for this team mates and also for athletes from the same country.

Michael Phelps is the only athlete who won 8 gold medal in olympic Beiing 2008, a success that no one can achieve before . He beats the old record, 7 gold medal in one Olympic swimming tournament won by Mark Spitz in year 1972.

Phelps is really strong!

LiveStrong Bike That I Use To Get Fit Everyday

I wanna share with you an image of my LiveStrong bike.

I like something that comes in customized style, so i've modiefied this bike, a lot.. I like to change something into a new, unique feature. So i throw away the old, original badge, then i put LiveStrong logo on it.

I've bought this bike on March 2008, didnt remember the exact date. While i was working in a cyber cafe in Lok Kawi Army camp, i bought this bike, because i love cycling and i wanna get fit!

Ok, this is my bike. I took this pic while starting my evening ride, usually alone. I am teamless..hihi..

Maybe some of you have your own bike, or maybe you're fitness enthusiasist or simply sporty lifestyle person, playing football, basketball, or swimming.

I love swimming too, but i love cycling more than swimming. I gets my passion pumped up!